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AcciClaims was founded to help Indians access legitimate assistance and advice with relation to their mental and physical well being and financial and social condition and stability post road accidents.

In the past, getting the rightful compensation enshrined under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, meant going through inter alia years of emotional turmoil, undue delays of years or sometimes a decade at a stretch, arbitrary and illegal charging of percentage of claim as legal fees in proportion to the compensation amount, non availability of funds when required for medical treatment or similar consequential responsibilities for which compensation is paid towards.

AcciClaims believes and aims to contribute in changing this situation for good. Not only in a very direct sense, but also indirectly by prompting timely claims. Insurance industry is a symbiotic system, and timely genuine claims can curb fraud claims being filed at a later stage.

Indian legislators have been very proactive and dynamic in their vision and the recent amendments are a proof thereto. Awareness of the same is a genuine concern even after years of such victim centric changes, as per our elaborate empirical research across India. Our goal is to get the rightful compensation and protection under the law, one person at a time.

As long as you have a genuine claim, we take care of all your hassle and hurdles. We use data and employ homegrown technologies under our expert eyes to inter alia assess potential payouts under your existing insurance policies, existing protection covers from banks, employers or other institutions, handle your MACT claim compensation application till its finality, provide services of specific nature required through our hyper-local Empaneled Surveyors and hyper-local Empaneled Valuers, provide advice and representation of a hyper-local Empaneled Advocate in respect of criminal proceedings against you anywhere in India.

Keeping things simple, in certain cases, where one may genuinely prove not having the financial capacity to get access to filing a rightful compensation claim, we may step in and work out an alternate payment mechanism.

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MACT Advocates

Our Empaneled Motor Accident Claims Tribunal  Advocates have verified licences from the respective State Bar Council as mandatory to practice in the MACTs within their State. 

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Criminal Justice Advocates

Our Empaneled Criminal Laws Advocates have verified licences from the respective Bar Councils as required to practice in their specific jurisdiction, i.e. sub-district/ Tehsil/ Taluka within their State of practice.


Surveyors/ Valuers

Our Empaneled Surveyors have verified licenses as mandated by the law, and may step in to help you with assistance in specific cases and situations where their expertise can make a world of a difference.

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Want to help AcciClaims in making a difference? We consider and regard varied skillsets with our internal subjectivity, and if you're an awesome person who can bring awesome new perspective, please Email us how.

AcciClaims' internal team of Insurance and Legal Experts alongwith our Empaneled Advocates and Surveyors are selected and trained to be sensitive about the handling of your road accident case, whether it is at the police stations, the criminal courts or any Motor Accident Claims Tribunal across India.

At AcciClaims, you might come across a non-core area opening time-to-time, apart from these core roles as we have dynamic processes which entail technology level integrations, accounting, financial & business model strategizing on a very regular basis as our clientele is geographically, industrially and economically situated everywhere on the respective spectrum.

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For Your Right. Right For You.

AcciClaims Empowers YOU to Always be in Control.

Our Team, including our Empaneled Advocates, Surveyors and Valuers across India will handle your case with utmost professional and ethical integrity.

You will ALWAYS be in control, no matter what stage the application, assistance, case, petition is in.

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  • You will NEVER pay certain percentage of the quantum of your claim made vide your MACT application.
  • You will NEVER pay certain percentage of the amount of compensation awarded to you by the MACT.
  • You will ALWAYS pay a constant one-time fees, wherever you are in any Indian Sub-District.

  • Our Support Team is available 7-Days-a-Week.
  • Our Legal Experts get in touch with you over telephone within 30 minutes from the time you engage us through our Toll Free National Accident Helpline
  • Our Empaneled MACT Advocate nominated in your particular matter will call or meet you in person within <180 minutes.
  • AcciClaims endeavours for you to receive the MACT Award within a time frame of 2-3 years.

  • At AcciClaims, we leverage decades of research and data to pre-empt the best possible solutions for you.
  • We use analytics, expertise and technology to devise the best suited plan of action for your particular case.
  • Our Insurance & Legal Experts and Empaneled Advocates leverage individual experience and the knowledge of the legal framework and the intricacies of the statutory law and its up-to-date interpretation to support you.

  • Our Team and Empaneled Advocates maintain highest levels of probity and will always strive to put your interests on priority, and will show the required sensitivity while dealing with these cases as the outcome is often the decisive factor for individuals' and their families' futures.
  • Our Insurance & Legal Experts and Empaneled Advocates burn the midnight oil to ensure you get the maximum compensation amount within the minimum possible time frame.

AcciClaims' DNA

For Your Right. Right For You.

Innovating with ambition, teaming up with refreshing candour, one case at a time.

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Curating New Indian Solutions for Old Indian Issues.

02 Client Partnership

Building Trust with Transparency and Virtuousness.

03 Industry Experts

Decades of Data. Focused Analysis. Strategic Decision-making. 

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MACT Claim Applications Settled in <3.2 years.

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Empaneled Advocates to support you.

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MACT Claim Applications Settled in <2.5 years.

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Presence in 5924+ Indian Sub Districts.