AcciClaimsTM (hereinafter ‘AcciClaims‘) aims to provide support to parties involved in road accidents across India.

For our Corporate Clients, we usually have customized solutions and the terms thereof are governed by the specific agreement thereto.

We provide majority of our services directly to our Retail Customers also, through independent channels.

We either don’t charge our retail customers anything for doing this, or charge them a nominal fees for our services.

Unless the specific service demands so, we don’t ask our retail customers to sign any document, or to enter into any contract. 

When you contact your insurer associated with AcciClaims, or AcciClaims post a road accident, one of our specialist Customer Service Officers will listen sympathetically and take down the details of the road accident.

Where the advisor feels that your claim merits further investigation, we will offer to put you in touch with independent specialist partners in the geographical area of the road accident.

We strongly advise you to note down the registration/ license plate number(s) of the vehicle(s) involved in the road accident.

If possible, click pictures of the site of road accident and a slowly recorded panoramic video to help our specialist claims investigation partner.

It is absolutely pertinent to file a genuine claim at the earliest available opportunity, even though the law in India allows such claims to be filed at any point in time, with no legal restriction by way of limitation, i.e. road accident claims are not ‘time-barred’.

If your claim is exercisable and genuine

If we are satisfied, we may nominate one of our specialist Claims Investigator partner and our specialist Expert Witness partner to investigate the claim further, depending on the type of claim and the intricacies thereof.

We may nominate one of our specialist Claims Assessor partner to analyse the damage to your vehicle and movable/ immovable property.

In unfortunate cases of injuries and beyond, we may nominate a specialist Healthcare & Mediclaim Advisor partner to guide you through best available treatments under the medical insurance policies you hold, directly or indirectly.

We may also nominate one of our specialist Claims Consultant partner to help you get compensation in the court having jurisdiction as per the applicable laws in India.

AcciClaims does not guarantee any compensation, tangible or intangible, even though we understand that your loss is irreversible.

The compensation shall be subject to equitable and fair legal process based on the applicable laws, and well settled judicial principles.

You should receive fair, impartial and confidential advice and services from all our specialist partners who are are authorized to provide respective services/ advise by the government regulatory bodies/ statutory authorities, and are independent of insurance companies associated with AcciClaims and AcciClaims.

If we cannot help you

If we feel our internal policies and guidelines do not permit us to help you, we will let you know, and of course you are free to seek advice and services elsewhere.


AcciClaims is always striving to improve its service. For that reason we ask the independent specialist partners to provide important information to track the progress. We treat this information confidentially, but if you don’t want the independent specialist partner to report this information, please instruct them accordingly.

Contacting us

When telephoning National Accident Helpline we inform you that calls may be recorded and used for internal training and legal/ regulatory compliance purposes only.

If you phone us between 09:00-21:00 during Monday to Friday, or during 09:00-18:00 on Saturday and Sunday, you will be put through directly to AcciClaims’ Customer Service Officer who will be able to talk you through the claims process and any queries you may have.

If you phone at any other time, you will be put through to our call centre where we will take your details and arrange for a specialist Customer Service Officer to call you back during the times above. You shall thereby authorise AcciClaims to contact you through call, SMS, email, WhatsApp or any other mode in future, overriding your National Do Not Call registration.


AcciClaims holds and will enforce its copyright on material and layout on its website, mobile application and social media pages.

Digital and Marketing

If you are associated with us and are using the AcciClaims logo under license or a similar arrangement, you are required to follow AcciClaims’ Corporate Branding Guidelines regarding the text font and other intricacies. Colour codes for AcciClaims logo are #000000, #FFFFFF and #0989E3.

Our policy against abusive calls

We maintain a zero tolerance policy towards the abuse of our employees or partners who have the right to carry out their legitimate professional activities without fear of being abused. AcciClaims will not hesitate to report such acts to the police.


‘AcciClaims’, the AcciClaims logo, the AcciClaims slogan, ‘National Accident Helpline’ and ‘Acci’ are all trademarks of AcciHelpline LLP.


Payments once processed are non-refundable. Contact us at for questions related to refunds and returns.